The National Democratic Convention (NADECO) won’t be participating in the May 8 election as it sent its documents to the wrong email address, party leader Siyabonga Sibisi said in an interview with Ladysmith community radio station Nqubeko.

The party, which broke away from the Inkatha Freedom Party several years ago, was shocked to realize that they were not on the list of parties that are registered with the IEC, Sibisi told the station on April 5.

But he blamed the IEC for the mistake. ‘’We went to our local IEC office here in Ladysmith to submit our documents, but we were told that were should contact the national IEC office in Pretoria,’’ Sibisi said. An email to the IEC bounced because they were given the wrong email address by their local IEC office, and they did not realize that the email was not sent.

“We only realized that we are not on the list after realizing that the IEC has invited all registered political parties to come and sign the code of conduct in Durban,” Sibisi added.

The party leader apologized to supporters and said the party would partner with other parties and were currently in talks with the National Freedom Party to this end.

Nadeco leader Siyabonga Sibisi speaks to Nqubeko Community Radio