On Tuesday, Alex FM hosted its first political debate, featuring, Alliance for Transportation for All (ATA) and African Democratic Change (ADeC) discussing the state of Alexander township.

ADeC regional representative Ms Nobesuthu Cekiso, bemoaned the poor state of service delivery in Alexander and promised to turn things around and restore the dignity of the residents should they be voted into power.

 “It cannot be right that 24 years into democracy residents in Alexandra are still using bucket toilets, 50 families sharing one toilet and one water tap” she said.

ATA’s Jabulani Ntshangase, explained that his party did not aim to govern the country, but instead have representatives in parliament who would highlight the challenges faced by the taxi industry and how government can play an active role in subsidising them.  

“Government needs to subsidise the industry to tackle high petrol prices and inflation”, he said.

Ntshangase warned that should the government proceed with the introduction of Bus Rapid Transport system (ReaVaya) in Alexander, “the taxi operators would be forced to retrench their drivers.”

The debates on Alex FM form part of the political discussions ahead of the May 8, elections engaging candidates contesting in Gauteng National poll and a build up to the grand political debate that will be hosted and broadcasted live at Alex community Hall on April 25.

(Edited by Simba Honde)