Sekhukhune Community Radio on Tuesday, hosted a political round table discussion with various political parties. At the center of the debate was the issue of water shortages.

DA’s  regional leader Samson Maila  accused the ANC for the water shortages in the district, saying it was a result of  alleged widespread corruption within the municipality.

“If we want the residents of Sekhukhune to receive water, we have to fight the ANC’s greed without fear or favour,” he said

ANC’s regional secretary, Jerry Maseko refuted the allegations  levelled against the ruling party stating that majority of residents have water tanks and that the real issue is the lack of maintenance of those facilities.

“The problem is that sometimes the water is not able to come out properly due to lack of maintenance, as well as the large number of people who still rely on the blowhole water system, which is largely determined by rainfall . In n terms of infrastructure close to 88.6% of our community’s infrastructure is towards water services”, said Maseko.

AZAPO’s Molantwa Modingwana highlighted rampart nepotism within the municipality and said this directly led to water shortages as people employed at the municipality were not skilled. Should they be voted into power, he promised to bring an end to the crisis.

“As AZAPO the issue of water is a priority, it is a source of life. If we are elected we will ensure that the engineers that are hired to rectify the water dispute will be highly qualified” ,Modingwana said.

Other issues raised  were the  lack of service delivery and infrastructure, and questionable distribution of tenders. – Sekhukune FM (edited by Veronica Makhoali

(Edited By Simba Honde)