A woman from KwaMhlabuyalingana in ZamaZama in Biyela, KwaZulu-Natal, is still in hiding after fleeing from community members baying for her blood.

The ZamaZama residents hopped mad after learning that the woman, who won’t be named to protect her identity, had sent two boys to bathe at a grave that belongs to the Khumalo family.

Local chief Thula Mthombeni saved her from the community’s anger.

Mthombeni tipped the woman and asked her not to attend a planned community meeting.

He roped in police officials from Manguzi and Skhemelele who took the woman to a safe place. 

The chief has told Local Voices that he did this to avoid bloodshed as the community was raging with anger and they wanted to burn the woman’s home.

The Khumalo family also wants eight cows from the woman for her actions.

The community has now hauled chief Mthombeni to the traditional court, where he has been charged for aiding the woman to escape justice.

No sentencing has yet been made in the matter.

Mthombeni says the media spotlight on this issue has placed him at loggerheads with king Mabhudu Tembe.