It is a sad day for Johannesburg long distance commuters and students who were hoping to make their way to Park Station to catch the Greyhound bus ahead of the new semester, as the company will cease to operate on Sunday. 

The Luxury passenger coach announced its decision earlier this month, marking an end to 37 years of service. 

It is also the end of the road for its subsidiary, Citiliner.

Unitrans, which owns Greyhound, has cited lockdown regulations, like the banning of interprovincial travel and curfew, as having played a role in its financial distress.

Many South Africans have expressed sadness at the move, which will see close to 700 workers losing their jobs.

Workers’ union, Numsa, has described this as a serious blow to workers and their families.

According to the company‚Äôs website, Greyhound used to service close to a million passengers a year, while Citiliner carried half a million a year.