Heavy rains continued to wreak havoc in northern parts of KwaZulu-Natal over the weekend.

Some bereaved families couldn’t even bury their loved ones due to flooding rivers.

Raging waters flooded a local bridge, cut off the village of Ophaphasi, in Hlabisa.

The Ngcamu family was forced to return the remains of their relative to a mortuary on Saturday after failing to make their way home.

They tried using the kwaNongoma route to get home, but it was the same issue as bridges in Nzimaneni, iWela and Mankankaneni were also overflowing due to the persistent rains.

On Sunday, the family tried again insisting – they will use all possible means in their disposal to ensure that their loved one is finally laid to rest.

Heavy rains have been lashing parts of the province for weeks now, leaving hundreds of homes in Ophongola and Jozini areas damaged.