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‘Why does govt hate the poor so much?’

‘Why does govt hate the poor so much?’

Civil society organisations are calling for an end to budget cuts ahead of Finance Minister Tito Mboweni’s Medium-Term Budget to be delivered on Wednesday.


Local Voices was established in 2019 as an election project.  It has now made a return as a pilot project to give the work done at community radio level a wider range.
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Radio Census

Radio CensusOver around two decades or so, community radio stations have sprung up across the country in growing numbers, becoming an important part of the landscape. For many, they represent “local voice” – an important source of local news and a place to debate local issues and concerns. For others, they have become a training ground and an opportunity to build a media career. Yet others compete, sometimes bitterly, for the influence and prestige community radio can offer.

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