uMgungundlovu reports minimal disruptions on special voting days

uMgungundlovu reports minimal disruptions on special voting days

KwaZulu-Natal – Over the past two days, the IEC processed over 9,500 applications for special votes in uMgungundlovu, a number it says is higher than that of applications received in the 2016 Local Government elections.

IEC District Manager in uMgungundlovu District Khulekane Mdadane, says special voting went relatively smoothly on the special voting days; with only one reported incident of disruption at the SACA Sports field in ward 37 of the first day of special voting. At this venue, IEC staff were reportedly intimidated by a group of residents who threatened to burn down the IEC tent erected in that area.

The residents were demanding money after claiming they had earlier been hired to cut grass in preparation for the election but were then not paid for their services.

The IEC was forced to dismantle the tent when special voting concluded on Monday.

However, it later transpired that this was untrue and the real intention of the group was to disrupt the special voting process.

The tent will be re-erected early this morning before voting commences at 07h00.

Yesterday, on day two of special voting in Dalton, uMshwathi, residents of Efaye blockaded access to two voting stations (Efaye and Emakeni) in ward 3. IEC staff eventually managed to get through to the two voting stations with SAPS assistance.

Some voters approved for special voting were unable to cast their votes yesterday and they will have to visit voting stations with the rest of South Africans today between 07h00 and 21h00 today. – uMgungundlovu FM, KwaZulu-Natal (Edited by Philile Masango)

Wage roadshow a waste of time, says security officers’ party

Wage roadshow a waste of time, says security officers’ party

The chairperson of the African Security Congress Sibusiso Mchunu has dismissed a roadshow by the Department of Labour that is striving to draw attention to the national minimum wage.

Mchunu said the party, which organizes security officers, had been set up “because the department of labor does not listen to our complaints”.  He also said they disagree that migrants should get employment opportunities on the same basis as South Africans. “We are always complaining as South Africans there are no jobs in the country,” Mchunu said.

He was speaking at the department’s roadshow, which visited Pietermaritzburg on 25 April. Trade unions and other stakeholders were invited to the event, where the assistant director of the department in the city, Velaphi Mthimkhulu, said the minimum wage has come to effect. “If you are not paid according the national minimum wage, please come to our offices and lodge a complaint,” Mthimkhulu said.

The party is campaigning on the basis of insourcing security officers and cleaners, a minimum wage and an eight-hour shift. It has also been drawn to appear at the top of the ballot in the May 8 election. – Umgungundlovu FM (edited by Siya Motha)

African Security Congress supporters attend the minimum wage roadshow.
Velaphi Mthimkhulu from the Dept of Labour addresses the meeting
Velaphi Mthimkhulu from the Dept of Labour speaks to Thami Mayeni of Umgungundlovu FM
Sibusiso Mchunu talks to Thami Mayeni of Umgungundlovu FM
Pietermaritzburg hosts both Malema and Buthelezi

Pietermaritzburg hosts both Malema and Buthelezi

Leaders of parties at the opposite end of the political spectrum – the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) – were both on the campaign trail in Pietermaritzburg today, April 17.

The IFP launched its KwaZulu Natal manifesto at the Winston Churchill theatre, with party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi and the party’s candidate for premier, VF Hlabisa.

Buthelezi told the crowd that for the past 10 years the leading party did not govern well. “The capital city of KwaZulu Natal is placed under administration for the second time because they have failed,” said Buthelezi. He concluded by saying there is no need to vote for corruption.

Meanwhile, the EFF’s Julius Malema was at the Pietermaritzburg taxi rank where he addressed a crowd, before moving to the Umngeni Municipality where he led a service delivery march.

Malema told the crown that the demands of the people are genuine, “They want land, water, reliable electricity and jobs.” Malema also claimed that municipal employees had slept their way into jobs. (Umgungundlovu FM – edited by Siya Motha)

EFF leader Julius Malema addresses supporters in Pietermaritzburg
IFP leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi launches his party’s provincial manifesto in Pietermaritzburg
At the IFP manifesto launch in the Churchill Hall, Pietermaritzburg
MEC launches call centre, but residents not impressed

MEC launches call centre, but residents not impressed

The KwaZulu-Natal MEC for social development Wezile Thusi visited Caluza, Pietermaritzburg, to launch a call centre and hand out food parcels, blankets and walking sticks.

Although it is only three weeks until the election, the event on April 16 was presented as apolitical. The MEC did not wear the colours of her party, the ANC, and stayed away from direct electioneering.

But residents nevertheless expressed disappointment with government delivery, complaining that promises are not kept and saying they see no reason to vote in the May 8 election.

People who attended the event highlighted other problems they face.  One resident, Phumzile Gezo, said she needs a proper house. “I am a tenant because I do not have a proper home, I am expecting to get a proper shelter because I am currently suffering. ”

Gezo added that she is registered to vote but she doesn’t see the reason to vote because the government has been giving her empty promises.

Thusi told the crowd at the Caluza Sports Centre  that the aim of the call center is to allow people from all over KwaZulu-Natal to report social issues such as gender based violence. The  center, at the number 087 158 3000, will also take calls from elsewhere in the country, and is linked to the police as well as the social workers in the province.

“The call centre will operate twenty hour hours, seven days a week,” the MEC said. – Umgungundlovu FM (edited by Siyabonga Motha)

Caluza residents tell Umgungundlovu FM that they need housing and aren’t sure they want to vote.