Cable theft, substation break-ins rock Makana municipality

Cable theft, substation break-ins rock Makana municipality

The cash-strapped Makana municipality has raised concern over cable theft, vandalism of street light fittings, kiosk vandalism and substation break-ins.

The municipality’s electricity department says the criminal acts leave a number of residents and businesses without power for a number of hours before supply can be restored.

Makana is calling on community members to help fight against problem. It is also urging them to report any one seen performing this criminal activity to the police or to the municipality.

It has also launched a tri-thronged project, aimed at improving the service delivery as it continues to grapple with water shortages and sewage management issues, among others.

Makhanda K9 puppy hailed for netting his greatest success yet

Makhanda K9 puppy hailed for netting his greatest success yet

One-year-old K9 Bayley is being praised for leading the Grahamstown Narcotic team to a drug consignment worth over R300 000. Mandrax, Tik and Rock, also known as cocaine, were found during the raid in Joza, Makhanda, formally known as Grahamstown, in the Eastern Cape.

A 36-year-old woman was arrested during the bust and faces a charge of possession of drugs.

Acting District Commissioner for the Sarah Baartman District, Brigadier John Lebok, has commended the team for a successful operation.

 “Our four legged partners constantly prove to be one of our most valuable resources during operations. Bayley and all his K9 colleagues have been loyal and faithful in the execution of their duties and each of need a special commendation,” Lebok says.

The Brigadier says teams in the district have seized drugs worth over R1 million over the last couple of weeks and nabbed several people in the process.

“These drugs are contributing to a number of crimes including, rapes, murders, robberies and thefts. Campaigns to create awareness on the uses and its effects on society are being conducted on a regular basis. These operations are ongoing and eventually we will rid the streets of these drugs,” adds Brigadier Lebok.

Community members, however, believe that the busts are a tip of the iceberg. They have called for more policing and efficiency of members of SAPS.

The small town has been battling drugs for years now, with Tik said to be the drug of choice for the young people in Makhanda.