Skrilek residents say they’re forced to live like pigs

Skrilek residents say they’re forced to live like pigs

The residents of Skrilek in Ward 4, outside Bela-Bela in the Limpopo province, say they are forced to live like pigs during the raining seasons.

They say the water stench outside their home takes weeks to evaporate and makes life unbearable.

“During the rainy season, the water starts to flow directly into our homes, it is smelly, and it brings with it mosquitoes. It’s really annoying,”  ne of the residents Local Voices’ contributor Mahlatse Phaladi said.

Residents say they first lodged a complaint about the situation in 2005 to then Mayor, Henrietta Ledwaba, but nothing has been done about it.

 “We (also) spoke to our current Mayor Cllr.Jeremiah Ngobeni and our Ward Councilor about the situation when it is raining, but it has been 15-years now without a solution. Since they have been promising to come and do a pavement and some drainage to direct the water flow, but nothing is happening, we are afraid our houses might be affected.”

The residents vowed to take their grievances to Premier Stanely Mathabatha’s doorstep, if the local Mayor does not intervene soon. – Report by Mahlatse Phaladi @Guru_Mahlatse