POPCRU livid over attack of police officers in Limpopo

POPCRU livid over attack of police officers in Limpopo

Police union, POPCRU, has reiterated its call for the amendment of the criminal laws to impose heftier measures and penalties for attackers of police officers or any law enforcement officials in the country.

The renewed call comes after some community members in Greenside extension 44 outside Polokwane, in Limpopo, attacked police officers who had arrested undocumented immigrants on January 2.

The community assaulted the officers, pelted their vehicles with stones and released the suspects from the police vans.

POPCRU spokesperson, Richard Mamabolo, has described the incident as unacceptable and believes it was an attack on the state.

“This brazen attack can be viewed as an unscrupulous means not only to undermine law enforcement, but to also generate lawlessness within the community. We call upon law abiding citizens to frown upon and reject such regressive acts.”

POPCRU says the country’s high crime rate highlights the need for greater community involvement in the fight against crime.

He says POPCRU will continue working with Safer South Africa Foundation (SSAF) to encourage public participation in policing matters.

“Among others, we aim to benefit society by way of introducing a better understanding of the functioning of the criminal justice system, lay the foundation for improved relationships between law enforcement agencies and communities and bring access to justice stemming from exposure to various laws enforcement agencies.”