Musina Spar manager, security guard charged with GBH for allegedly setting customer alight

Musina Spar manager, security guard charged with GBH for allegedly setting customer alight

The Spar that is at the centre of the burning of a customer in Musina, Limpopo, has resumed operating.

The store went back to business on Monday following talks with local leaders of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Local red berets’ leader Alpheus Mamafa was instrumental into Svodai Mugumbo’s rescue.

The store manager allegedly doused Mugumbo with methylated spirit and his security guard colleague then set her on fire for allegedly stealing from the shop.

Mamafa has told Local Voices that they found the woman with the security guard who was putting bandage on her wounds while trying to convince her not to go to hospital.

Three men, including the security guard and the manager, have been arrested for the crime.

Radali Norman, Tshikwatamba Vhutshilo and John Vanloggerenber appeared in the Musina Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

Limpopo Police Spokesperson Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe says they were charged with grievious bodily harm (GBH) and were each granted R1 000 bail.

They are due back in court next week Thursday.

Mamafa is urging retailers not to take the law into their own hands when dealing with people who they suspect of theft.  

“We as the EFF are all over – we are watching this thing. Shops must not take the law into their hands. They must report such incidents to the police; otherwise as EFF will tackle them if they violate people’s human rights,” he says.

Mamafa says COVID-19 restrictions have made it difficult for community members to go visit Mugumbo in hospital.

However, they plan assisting her with some essential necessities once she is discharged from hospital.

Woman set on fire at a Musina Spar

Woman set on fire at a Musina Spar

A manager at a Spar in Musina, Limpopo, will be appearing in the local magistrate’s court for the assault of a woman accused of theft.

The suspect allegedly doused Svodai Mugumbo with methylated spirit and his colleague, who works as a security guard, then set her on fire.

“Her entire body was burnt even the private parts,” the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the area, Alpheus Mamafa, told Local Voices.

He says the store officials tried to hide the incident.

“When I heard about this matter, I rushed to the store and I was told that the security guard took her away. I managed to find them and he was putting bandages on her – convincing her not to go to hospital,” Mafama says.

“We are not condoning stealing but proper procedures must be followed. They shouldn’t have taken the law into their own hands,” he adds.

The EFF leader says immediately ordered that the store and called the police.

The manager is behind bars and Mamafa says they also want the security guard arrested.

The store remains closed, pending talks with management.

The negotiations are scheduled for Thursday.

The victim is recuperating in hospital.

Musina residents demand 85% employment of locals

Musina residents demand 85% employment of locals

Musina community members took to the streets on Friday, demanding jobs and business opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

They also called for the water authority to be brought back to Musina.

The residents marched to the area’s Emergency Services offices; the department of Home Affairs; De Beers, local hospital, SAPS offices, Raubex construction group and the Musina Mall, among other organisations.

“We demand 85% local employment (we demand proof of employment from each store), such proof should be accompanied by proof of resident. We demand proof for social responsibility, how much did your company contribute in terms of social responsibility,” their memorandum reads.

The locals also want CVs for new shop vacancies submitted to them for verification purposes before interviews are conducted.

Musina Residents Chairperson Freedom Boikanyo says they also want Musina Mall to explain why most of the shops brought in managers from outside the area, despite promises that the mall was created to create work for locals.

“Why do Musina people hold casual jobs? Why did the Musina Mall hire an outside security company while the local community has many security companies? What has Musina Mall done to date in terms of social responsibility?”

Video of the march supplied by Langa Hot Ice

At the EMS, they submitted their list of demands to the area manager. They want to know, among others, why residents are being referred to Polokwane when calling for help. They also demanded that ambulance drivers be local residents as they know Musina well.

They accuse De Beers of awarding Raubex a tender to build a new tarred road without advertising.

“Why did the company not use this as an opportunity to empower local contractors rather than a well-established company? Why did you start with a road that the community hardly uses/,” they ask in their list of demands.

The residents also demanding the reinforcement of the police force in the area.

At Home Affairs, they asked for investigations into allegations of foreign nationals being awarded South African Identity Documents (ID).

They have given the companies seven days to respond to their demands.