Ndwedwe municipality accused of sabotaging water supply

The community of Ndwedwe has vowed to shut down the town, north of Durban, ahead of the May 8 elections. This comes after the residents have accused the local municipality of deliberately cutting off the water supply to the area in a money making scheme.

Residents have alleged the municipality decided to stop water supply to the area, to allow private water trucks to provide water at a cost. Some residents claim that they were asked to pay R300 by the water truck drivers.

B Ngobese, from the representative of the African Freedom Revolution, AFR, an organization that has been at the forefront of developing the community, confirmed the allegations, adding that “we have discovered that the water is being cut off deliberately so that the municipality can contract private water supply companies”.

In the wake of the allegations, the mayor of Ndwedwe municipality, Cllr Vincent Chili, called a meeting with the different stakeholders, to address the issues raised by the community. In the meeting, Chili acknowledged the allegations, albeit claiming ignorance, and promised to launch an investigation on the matter.

The mayor has since been given until May 28, to provide the community with answers. – Inanda FM (Edited by Simba Honde)