Jaw-dropping details of Christian cults revealed at CRL Commission

Jaw-dropping details of Christian cults revealed at CRL Commission

The CRL Rights Commission heard more jaw-dropping testimonies during another round of hearings into abuse allegations against some pastors.

Monday’s session followed last week’s hearing, which focused on murder, rape and financial extortion claims against the leader of Rivers of Living Waters Ministries, Bishop Stephen Zondo.

Victims accused Zondo of using “umuthi” to control his congregants.

Yesterday, two famous preachers, who say they are no longer running the so-called prophetic churches and regret what they have done to their followers, took to the stand.

Apostle Makhado Ramabulana from Faith Mission was first to take the hot seat.

He says there is a secret society where all these famous and rich pastors are blessed with powers to make money and hypnotise congregants.

“Once you’ve collected these powers from this country, you must make an oath that through you, other members of the secret cult, they will come to South Africa,” Ramabulana told the commission.

Prophet Jay Israeli, who now prefers to be called Jay, revealed that there are different secret societies in the Christian circles.

Jay says new recruits go through an initiation process into the cults and their leaders serve as their protectors from other cults who might try to overpower them.

He says he was initiated in Ghana, while Apostle Makhado got his powers in Nigeria.

“I want my church to grow, I want spiritual power and I want to prophecy and tell people things about themselves,” said Jay while explaining how his initiation process began.

The reformed false prophets also revealed that each cult has its unique way of marking and protecting members before they get whatever they need. These include body cuts.

According to apostle Makhado, some pastors in traditional churches have also started joining the cults.

VOW FM News reporter Buhle Mbhele files this report from the commission.