Bishop Zondo uses spirits of dead people to control the congregation, CRL Commission hears

Bishop Zondo uses spirits of dead people to control the congregation, CRL Commission hears

Reverend Andile Mali accuses Archbishop Bafana Stephen Zondo of using the spirits of the dead to loot money from his congregation.

He was testifying at the CRL Rights Commission in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, on Wednesday amid allegations of abuse levelled against the church leader of Rivers of Living Water Ministries.

The commission is currently investigating the church following abuse complaints from congregants.

It heard evidence from several witnesses on Tuesday and Wednesday, including Mali who was at some stage Zondo’s right-hand man.

Mali says Zondo forged a relationship with him because he was a radio presenter at Thetha FM in the Vaal.

He accused the bishop of plotting against him and told the commission how he lost his wealth and vehicles through the church.

“We were always giving to the church with the hope that when we give our property and wealth is safe because we are giving for God to protect our wealth. When you give, he promises you wealth and big houses; he promised to change lives of church members within four years. That is why some people will give offering with the last money for transport,” Mali explained.

He adds that the spirit always told him to give to the church. He says Zondo uses the spirits of dead people to take over people’s bodies and control them.

“That is why when we pray for people they fall and others after falling they don’t even remember what they have been saying, because the snake is in charge of your body. He can call your family members who are dead to come and speak through you,” Mali alleges.

He says Zondo easily controls those who love to be prayed for by pastors.

Mali adds that Zondo wanted his wife to be operated in a hospital and he reversed the curse to Zondo’s wife. He informed the church that more than 1 000 marriages in church were destroyed.

“In order for him to control your lives, if the bishop sleeps with your wife half of the job is done, many marriages are dead,” he said.

The hearings continue on Thursday and Zondo is expected to testify. – Report by VOW FM News’ Anastasi Mokgobu